My work can be described as a continuous search for beauty and simplicity.

Beauty can be transient or hidden in the mundane. Sometimes it ‘s in the little details, in a delicate leaf or even in the decay. Beauty is thought to be subjective, hence it can be found potentially everywhere.

Studying colors and textures of the surrounding environment, collecting natural specimens and observing seasonal transformations are ways to approach what is often elusive.

In this quest, precious and non-precious materials are equally important. I often choose to combine sterling silver and gemstones with alternative or repurposed materials like resin, paper, pebbles, fibers and textiles not only for their visual and tactile qualities, but also for the stories they carry within. To integrate them, I’m drawn by simple, geometrical shapes and abstract botanical forms, which are then meticulously rendered into wearable objects.


  • September 2013: “Wax carving” with Caren Hartley, London Jewellery School , London.
  • September 2013: “Technical drawing” with Zoe Harding, London Jewellery School , London.
  • 2011 - : Workshops at the Chalkis Jewellery School - Eric Robbert of Chalkis Art Center.
  • 2009: “Experimental Jewelry” with Anastasia Young, Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London.
  • 2006-2007: “Jewelry Making Techniques II”, Municipal School of Jewelry, Chalkida, Greece.
  • 2005-2006: “Jewelry Making Techniques I”, Municipal School of Jewelry, Chalkida, Greece.


  • (June 2014) Group exhibition of the Chalkis Jewellery School, Chalkida, 2 - 10 June.
  • (February 2013) “Το Ταξίδι”, group exhibition at el.marneri gallerie, Athens.
  • (October 2012) Behind the Brooch, Juried Crafthaus online exhibition.
  • (June 2012) Group exhibition of the Chalkis Jewellery School, Kokkino Spiti, Chalkida, 13 June - 8 July.
  • (May 2012) Romance: The artist defines the word, online exhibition.
  • (January 2012) One Year, One Piece : An Exhibition of Work made in 2011 from the Flickr TADA365 Art Jewelry Group, online exhibition.
  • (September 2011) Letters of Adornment, online exhibition.
  • (August 2011) Piece Progressions, Juried Crafthaus online exhibition.
  • (May 2011) Ring-a-Day. 65 artists. 1 year. 365 rings., Punch Gallery, Seattle.
  • (December 2010) Allez! du Galet!, Collioure, France.
  • A Taste for Craft, Juried Crafthaus online exhibition.

Galleries / Retail stores / Online stores:


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  • (November 2013) Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers. Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Inspirational Results , Jinks McGrath, Barron Publishing. (3 images)
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