Weekend pics

Weekend pics

jewelry χειροποίητα κοσμήματα
χειροποίητα κοσμήματα
χειροποίητο βραχιόλι
μενταγιόν χειροποίητο

This weekend, after finishing up my orders and changing the cord of the embroidered pendant into a black silk, I had a chance to play with watercolors again. It’s been a while and I had missed it. I made more leaf prints and some miniature paintings of fruits, leaves and abstract shapes. I also worked on a silver version of my copper cube ring and I will write more details about it soon.

But the highlight of the weekend was a delicious pie, made with wild blackberries. I used a basic pie crust recipe and filled it with the berries, which were cooked for a few minutes with sugar and vanilla extract.The next project is baking the perfect apple pie.

Any good recipes to share?

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