The watercolor calendar revealed!

The watercolor calendar revealed!

This morning I finished the last pages of my watercolor calendar, which I made as a gift for my friends and family.

Then I scanned the paintings and added a few more details, like the scissors and the dotted line.

I decided to have it available as a pdf download , in case you decide you want to print it! Only problem…. it’s in greek! Most of the text is handwritten and I didn’t have the time to edit it and make an english version as well.

january february
march april
may june
july august
september october
November December

Thank you for visiting!

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your calendar turned out awesome! I got bogged down with “real” work and haven’t had time to finish the calendar I started.

I’m definitely going to download yours. Even in Greek, it’ll work as a calendar. smile

What a beautiful idea!!
Merry Christmas!!

Thank you Anika and Tatiana! I’m so glad that you like the calendar!
This was my first attempt of making one and I learned so much in the process!
Happy Holidays to both of you!!!

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