The start of 2016

The start of 2016

On the first day of the new year, I made the January birthstone ring, featuring this lovely pear teardrop shaped garnet cabochon. The ring is adjustable, with my sterling silver “branch” band and a 14k yellow gold pebble.

garnet ring
garnet ring

The next day we hiked at Disrfys mountain, in a trail covered with snow!


These are some knit hats and cowls that I made for my family. The cable hat is for me, it’s the Antler pattern by Tin Can Knits.

knit projects

A work-in-progress pic of a custom-made asymmetrical pair of earrings that I’m working on:

sol key

This year also brings the Make-a-Day challenge, hosted by Victoria Takahashi and Andrea Ring. The challenge is to make somethign creative every day for the entire year and post it on the 2016 MAD Facebook group. I’m very exciting about this one!


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