Sophia Georgiopoulou and the Art of Goldsmithing

Sophia Georgiopoulou and the Art of Goldsmithing


I just finished reading Sophia Georgiopoulou’s book “Kosmimata: The Art of Goldsmithing” and had to share this wonderful edition with you. The book is a retrospective of Sophia’s work and you can find it online on Blurb.

I first met Sophia on Crafthaus and I was instantly impressed by her craftsmanship and the unique way that she applies ancient techniques - such as granulation - into contemporary jewelry. After getting to know her better, I learned that she started as a university professor of Classic and Byzantine studies in Harvard University before deciding to give up everything and devote herself into goldsmithing.

Though I’m certain that she was brilliant as university professor, I’m so glad that she decided to make such a drastic career change!

Find out more about Sophia on her website, flickr and Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello Maria,
Thank you so much for writing about my book on your wonderful blog. A small correction though: I studied the Classics and Byzantine Literature at Harvard University, but I taught for years at the American College of Greece in Athens before I decided to take up goldsmithing.
Again, thank you for citing my book!

Sophia thank you for correcting my mistake. Am very glad that you liked the post about your work. I definitely recommend your book to everyone interested in goldsmithing.
Hope that things are better with the snow in Seattle by now!
A big hug to you!!

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