Recent knitting projects

Recent knitting projects

I didn’t have time to write about them but all this time I’ve been working on various knitting projects, which seem to be the perfect way to unwind in the evening!


For the blue scarf I used a very soft chunky yarn and 8mm needles, resulting in a really warm and fluffy winter scarf! Now I’m making a cowl version of it using a white/beige chunky yarn.


This is my very first fingerless mittens pair that I have knit. I ended up with a couple holes that I had to sew at the thumbs but I learnt my lesson for the next time. Here’s the pattern which I think is great for a beginner.


The second pair I ‘m knitting it for myself using this gorgeous super wash merino wool yarn. I followed the fetching mittens pattern with a few minor modifications and tried this trick for the thumbs. Guess what, no holes this time! I didn’t have a chance to take photos yet but I will soon.

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