Printing with leaves

Printing with leaves

lavender print
lantana print
mint print
leaf prints
leaf prints

It’s refreshing when you keep studying the same subject but you look at it from another perspective or use a different medium.

These leaf prints were made by painting watercolor on real leaves and pressing them on watercolor paper. They were based on a leaf printing project from Water, Paper, Paint, a wonderful and inspiring book that I have also mentioned before.

First I tested some prints on scrap paper just to get the hang of it and understand how much paint was needed. I thought that the prints were better if I painted the back side of the leaves, which had lots of veins. I ended up making a card to send to a friend and also three miniature leaf paintings using various leaves such as lavender, mint, thyme, lantana and oak.

I suspect that there will be a lot of leaf printing going on this summer! The leaf variety is endless and there are so many ways to incorporate this type of prints in mixed media projects.

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