Photography Tips from the Blurb Webinar

Photography Tips from the Blurb Webinar

I had signed-up for the Blurb Webinar “Learn Photography Secrets for your Next Blurb Book from a Pro”, which was held yesterday.

A very interesting and comprehensive presentation by photographer Dan Milnor.

I’ve been taking notes during the presentation and here’s the key points and tips that were addressed. They ‘re mainly about shooting portraits but I think they ‘re useful for everyone interested in photography.

  1. Don’t put subjects in the middle of the pictures. By moving the subject off center, you create motion and energy. Also, it’s not necessary to show the entire face just because you’re shooting a portrait. If you wish to put the subject in the center, square frames work better than rectangles.
  2. Get closer. Engage with the subject and ask for permission to get closer if you want to photograph a person that you don’t know.
  3. Choose the right light. Early and late light produce better colors while shooting in the middle of the day is not ideal. Overcast, or even rainy days can be great.
  4. Think and think again. Take multiple pictures, shoot from different angles, until you have the best image for the moment that you’re trying to capture.
  5. Keep it simple with the equipment.
  6. Talk to people, learn about their story because this will reflect to the quality of your images.
  7. Shoot what you like. Your images will be the best you make if you photograph what you really enjoy.
  8. Make pictures in the field, not at the computer.
  9. Look for real moments, capture things as they actually happen.
  10. Take chances, step out of your comfort zone, often choose a subject matter outside of what you usually shoot.
  11. Have fun with your camera!

Dan provided many examples to elaborate on each point, he showed many of his stunning pictures and explained everything in depth. I suggest you don’t miss an opportunity to attend another of his webinars in the future! All you have to do is go over the Blurb Website and sign up.


Thanks for reading!

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