New 365 day projects

New 365 day projects

A few days ago, I got this beautiful gift, a calendar with wild flowers that can be found all over Greece and it gave me the idea to start a new 365 day project.

So I decided to draw a small botanical illustration each day, inside the pages of this calendar. It can be a simple doodle of a flower or a leaf, a more detailed study of a collected specimen, the whole plant or just a small part of it…. pretty much whatever I feel like each day, depending on my mood and time constraints.


I’ve also decided to join the Brooch-a-Week challenge, partly because I love brooches and partly because most of my lovely friends from previous challenges are in it.

Making one brooch a week sounds exciting and doable is what I thought. Then Shannon invited me to the Brooch-a-day challenge and suddenly I couldn’t resist to this either! Crazy, right?

We’ll see how it goes and of course I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!

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