My Ring-a-Day swap ring is here

My Ring-a-Day swap ring is here

Look who has just landed in my mailbox! This beautiful bird was made for me by Laura Flavin for the Ring-a-Day Secret Santa Swap and it just arrived yesterday.

The trip was too long. For one mysterious reason, the birdie had to return to the US and fly back here…. But now I got it and I couldn’t be happier! It’s so sweet and delicate. The finish is very smooth and the patina just perfect. Needless to say…I love it!!!

It keeps me company while taking a few notes and also as I ‘m typing these lines.


Thank you Laura for making this for me and for being so patient to send it again after it was returned!

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Maria, I am so happy to see your ring has finally landed at your doorstep! Enjoy….wear in health, happiness & creativity.
xoxo, Laura

Thank you Laura! I’m enjoying it already. I never had a bird ring and I’m delighted that now I have one of yours!

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