My Ring-a-Day book is here!

My Ring-a-Day book is here!

Today I received my copy of the first book I’ve made for the 2010 Ring-a-Day project. It’s a 20 page softcover in square format, 17 x 17 cm (7 x 7 inch) and you can now find it on the Blurb bookstore. I hope that you’ll enjoy the preview above! I tried to include as many of my favorite rings as possible, all made with diverse materials.

I also wanted to have a hardcover option available but I couldn’t make it work. So for now, it is only available as a softcover.

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I received my book today!  I love it and now I have another favorite ring #330 (Compartmentalisation). And the leaf is outside the box!  Thanks Maria!

Thank you Stacey! I’m so glad that you loved the book! #330 was among my favorites too, I’m always drawn by clean geometrical forms and natural specimens…

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