My favorite cold coffee drink and how to prepare it at home

My favorite cold coffee drink and how to prepare it at home

I always like to start the day with a nice cup of hot cappuccino, even during summer. But what happens when the temperature starts to rise and you need something refreshing in the middle of the day?

This coffee drink is served widely at the coffee shops in Greece and we call it “Fredo Cappuccino”. I understand that my italian friends may freak out just a little with this cold version of the classic cappuccino coffee, but it actually is very tasty!

To prepare it at home, you start with a double dose of espresso coffee, as pictured above.

In order for the coffee to cool down, fill a glass with shredded ice. If you don’t have shredded ice, simple ice cubes are just fine!



Pour the coffee inside the glass:


To prepare the cold milk froth, add one ice cube and 1/4 cup of semi-skimmed milk either in a food processor or in a simple hand held or stand mixer.


Mix well until it becomes thick and creamy. It usually doesn’t take more that 30 seconds to develop that creamy consistency.


Pour the milk froth in the coffee glass, add a straw, stir and enjoy!



Need a few nice desserts to go with your coffee?

A few suggestions: banana pancakes, that are easily adjusted so that they can be made with more fruits, spiced poached peaches, deep, dark brownies and Nigella’s totally chocolate chip cookies!

Lately, I’ve preparing for a very special project that I hope I will be able to announce shortly!

Have a nice weekend and thank you for visiting!

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yum! this looks delicious. i just might have to try that today!

Too hot over there also?! Let me know if you liked it when you try it grin

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