Happy days in the studio

Happy days in the studio

First an update about the new earrings that I’ve finished.

I made these olive leaf earrings a few days after running the Athens Marathon. Near Marathon city, a little girl offered me an olive branch, the eternal symbol of peace. I tried to keep it all the way to the finishing line. After I got back to the studio, I was inspired to make a pair of earrings, to commemorate this event.

olive leaf earrings

New conical earrings with green onyx and fluorite briolettes:

conical earrings
conical earrings
conical earrings
conical earrings

New bracelets with labradorite, amethyst, green quartz, emerald quartz and hand woven polyester cord, almost ready!


A special birthday ring for my sister!


Jewelry that are sent to their new homes!

ruby earrings, ring
friendship pendant

Little red circular earrings:


The lucky bee bracelet is still available and soon you’ll find the new 2016 lucky charm! It’s almost finished and I can’t wait to show it to you!

bee bracelet

Thanks for visiting!

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