Four-a-Month, January

Four-a-Month, January

I got very excited with the Four-a-Month jewelry challenge and somehow I finished my January pieces much earlier than I had anticipated.

Besides the first pair of the enameled copper heart earrings, I made a second one with much smaller hearts:

enamel heart earrings.

Next, I enameled two small silver hearts, first with a layer of flux and then with a couple of layers of transparent ruby red. I added pearls, rubies and turquoise, made a sterling silver toggle claps and voila…a new bracelet!

enamel heart bracelet

The second heart was turned into a necklace and finished with hand knotted labradorite and citrine beads:


I didn’t make the enameled ring that I wanted - soldering and enameling still intimidates me - but maybe I’ll give it a shot after all.

I find this new challenge really fun and also a great way to stay focused and create mini collections.

For the next month, I plan to make a series of long necklaces, similar to this one. I should start early because I suspect that they’ll take much more time to finish that this month’s work!

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loving the bracelet! ; 9

Thank you Pallavi! The pearls are a recent purchase and couldn’t wait to use them with the enameled hearts!

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