Embroidered ring

Embroidered ring

Right after finishing my embroidered pendant, I had the urge to make a similar ring.

First, I chose a color palette and then I cross-stitched this pattern:


The details of the design were developed organically. I decided to rivet two sterling silver pieces on the opposite sides that would hold the embroidery and would also echo the lines of the pattern. The square band was another last minute decision. Keeping up with Ring-a-Week, this ring is my #37. Not much left to go now!

χειροποίητο δαχτυλίδι
χειροποίητο δαχτυλίδι
</p><p>” height=“572” width=“700” style=“border: 0;” alt=“image” /></p><p>I’m already thinking of alternate ways to capture the embroidery in position and hopefully I will try them soon to see if they work better.</p>
<p><strong>Thanks for visiting!</strong></p>
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Great idea! smile

Thank you grin

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