We are enjoying some cooler temperatures and a sudden rain yesterday, which is a nice change after some very hot days in a row.

Drinking coffee and packaging some rings.

...promise of another rain in the air.

Peach tart is baking in the oven. A very simple and delicious recipe from Food Network. It must be a good one because it’s the third time we’re making it in the last couple of weeks!


A couple of links to check-out:

  • Last week to draw your earrings over at Shapeways and have a chance to win one of the prizes.
  • Looking for a new creative project to dive into? Maybe the Sketchbook Project is the right one for you. I’m very much tempted to participate.

Thanks for reading!

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both very interesting links you have up there!good luck!

Thanks Efi! I’ll be sharing more links in each post. There are so many interesting things going on that you can find on the web, it’s overwhelming sometimes!

we’ve been enjoying some much cooler weather too, and i’m so grateful for it. this summer has been too hot.

that peach tart looks amazing.

I’ve been thinking about participating in the sketchbook project too, but I’m having trouble deciding on a theme. Which theme do you think you’d choose?

Hi Anika! it’s so much nicer when it is cooler, temperatures are starting to rise here again. If I did the Sketchbook project I think I would probably choose the “it must be…” theme. At the moment I don’t know if it’s wise to add one more project to the existing ones….but it is certainly tempting!

“it must be…” is on my list of contenders. it’s a long list, but another one i like is, “make mine a double”. I thought it might be a fun project to draw the same thing twice with a different set of rules or a different medium. if i join, i’ll let you know!

It is a difficult decision, there’s so much potential in every theme. “Make mine double” sounds like a lot of fun!
Please let me know if you decide to do it!

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