365 Days of Rings: the short story

365 Days of Rings: the short story

During the last days, I’ve been working on my Ring-a-Day book, which includes all my rings, created throughout 2010 for the Ring-a-Day project. But right after having finished the 158-page volume, I experienced great difficulties uploading it on the Blurb website for printing. I must have tried almost everything but nothing seemed to work. I’ve almost gave up and then I decided to start all over again and create a shorter 20 page photo book.

I made the book in InDesign, where you can design it from scratch and then exported the pdf according to the Blurb specifications.

The photo book is a softcover in square format, 18cm x 18 cm (7 x 7 inch). I’ve included some of my favorite rings made with diverse materials, found objects and natural specimens.

You can see a few sample pages below:


I just ordered my copy and after I receive it and review it, I plan to make this book available for purchase from the Blurb bookshop. I will post more details when it’s done.

I’ve also printed postcards from my favorite Ring-a-Day rings that you can see here. Please e-mail me if you’d like more details about purchasing the postcards.

Tomi has also made a Ring-a-Day book with her curious rings and I’m expecting it to arrive in the mail any time soon! So exciting!

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I can’t wait for your book to be finished.  I definately want to order one!

Thank you Stacey! I hope that this shortened version is going to be available soon, right after I receive my copy and make sure that everything is OK with it.

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