Jewelry Design Book Giveaway

Jewelry Design Book Giveaway

The story goes like this: a few years ago, I can’t remember when exactly, I bought The Art of Jewelry Design. From Idea to Reality, written by Elizabeth Olver. It ‘s an excellent reference and one of my favorite books ever.

Unfortunately, two years ago, as I was moving to my new home, I lost the book and couldn’t find it anywhere. I was thinking of buying it again and actually I did last year, when I found it on the bookshelves at Foyles, London. I re-read it and couldn’t be happier that I had my favorite book again.

Funny thing is, I was looking at some old boxes recently and there it was, the original copy of the book! So now I have two and as much as I love the book, I don’t need two copies!

I’m giving the original to one of you. The book is in excellent condition and I haven’t written on it anything, I only developed this habit later!

A few more pics of the book:




All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. The comments will be open until Sunday, August 8, 2010, 10:00 a.m. GMT. Then I will pick randomly one winner and I will post the results on Sunday afternoon. I will ship internationally, so anyone can enter!

Thanks for reading!

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Bits and pieces from the studio

Bits and pieces from the studio

So many ideas are bouncing in my head that I always find it hard to only focus on one project at a time.

....then I read this wonderful interview by jeweler and multimedia artist Mary Hetts and I ‘m starting to feel much better about my creative processes!

So lately, I started gathering some stamps for an idea that is under development. A few of them are presented in the first photo.

I’m sorting out my old sketchbooks and gathering ideas for a new series of simple pieces, combining my love for geometry, nature and fibers.


These are a bunch of simple initial letter bracelets, a custom order for personalized teacher gifts.


A sneak peak of some adjustable length necklaces that I’m preparing.



What is your preferable way of working? Do you focus on one thing at a time or are you working on multiple projects simultaneously?

Thanks for reading!

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Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #3

Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #3

R-A-D #201-202 7/26/2010 & 7/27/2010 “Brass Bands”

The rings that I made this week for Ring-a-Day were mostly metal. The two bands above were made for a young couple and fortunately they count for two days! They’re made of brass and the one on the right is hollow form.

On Wednesday and Thursday I tested a couple of ideas for simple bands, by making copper samples:


R-A-D #203 7/28/2010 “Copper Band”


R-A-D #204 7/29/2010 “Copper Leaf”

I applied a sepia filter to both photos just to make them a little bit more interesting.

On Friday I was running out of time and I decided to post again the White Pebble Ring that I made that day to fill an order. This is the same design as R-A-D #188. Although I have set this rule to myself not to post the same design twice, I had to break it at least once!


R-A-D #205 7/30/2010 “Another White Pebble Ring”

On Saturday, I incorporated a dried oregano bloom, which is actually a rare species that grows on the nearby mountains. It’s supposed to be red when it’s fresh. Now it has a pale purple color and a delicate structure, which I find very appealing.


R-A-D #206 7/31/2010 “Red Oregano Flower”

Today, apart from being Sunday, it’s too hot to do anything! This is a leftover piece of thread from the placemats that my mother sewed for me. I like the color a lot!


R-A-D #207 8/1/2010 “Leftover Thread”

Now I’m on ring #207 and number 365 doesn’t look so distant anymore! Since I joined the project on January 6th, I’m always five rings behind. I didn’t think of trying to catch up, not until recently. I had this idea on my mind that the project will end for me on January 5th. Lately, I ‘m thinking that I would like to finish together with the other participants that are still on it…. So maybe I’ll do some extra rings….or maybe not!

Time for this week’s favorites from the Ring-a-Day Flickr Pool. So many wonderful rings are added each day and it’s getting hard to choose only a few!

RAD #198 7/28/10

A ring featuring Evelyn Markasky’s signature techniques of anticlastic forming and enameling.

RAD #68

An origami-inspired ring by Lesley Tinnaro.

Ring a Day 37- a new picture of an 'old' ring

This may be an old ring but the photo is new and gorgeous! A unique design by Colleen Baran.

Ring a Day 208/365

This ring is part of a conceptually strong series by Thomasin Durgin, dealing with “american terror”. More info about this series on Tomi’s blog.

All rings, which are now over 12.000, can be found at Ring-a-Day Flickr Pool.

Also, a very exciting announcement: Ring-a-Day has been accepted as an exhibit for the next SNAG Conference, on May 2011! More details can be found here.

Thanks for reading!

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In a mood for purple

In a mood for purple


.....but not just any purple.

only the purple of lavender will do!

The first photo was taken last year at Coventry, UK, while visiting my brother. The second is a recent one, taken not at the fields of Provence but at the garden of the place where I’m living.

I started doing a little research about the meaning and symbolism of purple. According to this article, purple is supposed to be “uplifting and calming to the mind and nerves. It offers spirituality and encourages creativity”.

.....not bad at all!!!

I’ve ben stumbling upon some interesting stuff lately:

Thanks for reading!

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How to Clean and Care For Your Jewelry

How to Clean and Care For Your Jewelry

Today I thought I’d share a few basic tips for taking care of your jewelry as well as some easy ways to clean them at home.

But first, some basic facts:

Sterling silver jewelry tend to tarnish over time and this means that they develop an oxidation on the surface. This is a normal process, which relates to the fact that sterling silver is an alloy of 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% copper. Pure silver does not tarnish but is also so soft and difficult to work with. The addition of copper hardens the metal and makes it more easy to work with.

Sterling silver tarnishes by being in contact with the air. A chemical reaction takes place due to sulfur containing compounds in the air. This process can also be accentuated because of the contact with your skin ph or by certain weather conditions e.g. humidity.

This aging patina or an oxidized finish is preferable for many people. But if you like your jewelry clean and shiny, there are a number of things that you could easily try at home:

  1. The most basic thing to do is to delay tarnishing, by keeping your jewelry into their box, when you ‘re not wearing them, or -even better- in ziplock plastic bags. You could also add an anti tarnish strip into the box/bag.
  2. Occasionally, rub your jewelry gently with a soft polishing cloth. You can find these in jewelry supply stores, but also often in big supermarkets. polishing cloth
  3. For a satin matte finish, a surprisingly easy thing to do at home is to rub your jewelry with a scotch brite pad, either dry or wet, or with fine steel wool. scotch brite
  4. Be gentle when polishing chains and avoid touching delicate gemstones with the polishing pads.
  5. Avoid getting your jewelry wet or wear them while bathing or sleeping. I know I have to remind myself of this last one several times as I can’t be apart of my favorite bracelets for long!
  6. Pearls and coral need extra care because they are of organic origin. Avoid contact with perfumes or hairspray as this may damage or discolor them. A simple rubbing with a wet cotton cloth is enough.

Suggestions for further reading:

What’s your favorite way to clean your jewelry? I would love to hear your tips in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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