Studio Updates: Making the Aquamarine & Driftwood Pendant

Studio Updates: Making the Aquamarine & Driftwood Pendant

It’s been a while since I bought these two gorgeous stones: one aquamarine and one prehnite cab:

aquamarine & prehnite

I’ve already made a ring with the prehnite, which you can see it here. But I wasn’t sure what to do with the aquamarine, so I started sketching until I came up with an acceptable design:


This was one option for the bezel, which was rejected! Maybe I’ll try this another time!

sketch 1

This one is closer to the final piece:

final sketch

Among other things, I collect driftwood from the beach and I thought it would make a nice combination with the aquamarine. Here is a small portion of my collection! I wanted to attach the driftwood with some thread or other strong cord but it didn’t work well at the final stage of adding the driftwood, so I decided to wire-wrap it instead.

I also considered replacing the driftwood with a piece of branch coral but the ones I had available were either too short or too long.

As I was filing the sterling silver base of the pendant, I decided to try melting the edges to achieve an organic look…...and then… I was playing with the torch, I thought it would be even better to reticulate the whole piece!!! After cleaning, oxidizing it and give it a final finish, this hand-dyed silk ribbon seemed appropriate for hanging the pendant:

silk ribbon

I got it from JamnGlass on Etsy. This procedure describes -most of the time- the process of designing and making my jewelry.

  • Materials, like stones, ribbons etc., provide an initial inspiration.
  • Sketching comes next
  • But then again, as I actually start making it happen, I often change my mind along the way, start improvising and decide what works best!

Hope you like the final outcome!

Thanks for reading!

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To Blog or Not to Blog?

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Today I’m very excited to start my new blog!

But why another blog? Aren’t there enough already?

That may be true but it doesn’t change my desire to keep a journal of my daily explorations and to share ideas, content and processes with friends, fellow jewelers and enthusiastic crafters.

So this is the place where you can find more about:

  • what I make
  • what I like
  • how I see the world through my photography

Let’s see how it goes!

Thanks for reading!

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