Watercolor pencils plus some arrangements

Watercolor pencils plus some arrangements

Sitting at the balcony, looks like it’s about to rain.


....and it actually does a few minutes later.

Starting to make some arrangements with leaves that I gathered earlier during a walk. One of my favorite things to do is collect various bits from the streets, usually natural specimens and then arrange them in a pleasing way. Somehow, this activity seems like it brings order and beauty when it’s most needed.


From the garden: dried gloriosa bloom, almost dried hibiscus bloom, coleus.

Watercolor pencils out of their box:


Starting to sketch and then add water with a paintbrush.

I don’t have a clue what I am doing, just experimenting. All I know is that it feels great playing with colors, pencils and brushes. By sketching, I study their forms closer, which helps me understand them better.



Time for another arrangement:

Found shell and pebbles

Sketching and adding color:


Then I wanted to see how it looks if I added a border with the sewing machine:



Do you prefer the first type of stitching which is more random or the second one which is straight?

Now if you want to see some seriously great, “real” watercolor paintings, visit the website of Heather Smith Jones or her blog, Anika’s blog and Geninne’s blog. Their work really stands out!

Also, check out the Collecting Nature Flickr Pool, maintained by Jan of Poppytalk, for some inspiring collections of natural specimens.

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We are enjoying some cooler temperatures and a sudden rain yesterday, which is a nice change after some very hot days in a row.

Drinking coffee and packaging some rings.

...promise of another rain in the air.

Peach tart is baking in the oven. A very simple and delicious recipe from Food Network. It must be a good one because it’s the third time we’re making it in the last couple of weeks!


A couple of links to check-out:

  • Last week to draw your earrings over at Shapeways and have a chance to win one of the prizes.
  • Looking for a new creative project to dive into? Maybe the Sketchbook Project is the right one for you. I’m very much tempted to participate.

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Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #2

Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #2

It’s time to summarize what I made this week for Ring-a-Day and to show you my favorites from fellow artists!

On Monday, I made the “Caprese” ring, with fresh mozzarella, basil and home-grown cherry tomatoes. The ring was -of course- consumed immediately, after the photograph was taken!

Pretty much the same happened next day, when I made this ring, by cutting a piece of melon in a trillion shape:


A seed of an apricot was used for Wednesday’s ring, tied with a piece of thread around a brass band:


Another fruit forThursday’s…..a piece of nectarine, cut and shaped accordingly:


The last -for now- in the “summer crop” series is the cucumber ring:


What I love about these food rings is that I can eat all the little “scraps” and leftovers. It’s a very “clean” and filling job!

The “Black & White Pebble Ring” was made to celebrate my 200th ring for the Ring-a-Day project:


Finally, on Sunday, I made this copper sample, to test a new band shape that I’m working on:


You want to see what my friends from Ring-a-Day have been making this week? A few of my favorites:


A Bunnycorn by Rachelle Stromberg. Looks cute and threatening at the same time!

Ring a Day 200/365

A ring truly worthy for the occasion, made by Shannon Conrad.

Ring a Day 72/365

A simple and elegant band by Ligia Rocha.

stitch (RAD 195/365 7/14/10)

The red stitching makes the difference, by Kest of Vagabond Jewelry.

RAD #182 & #183 7/19 & 20/10

I recommend reading the full story for this one on Evelyn’s stream. It could be titled “How to overcome a terrible cough and turn it into a piece of art”!

rad # 171 - 7. 21. 10

I love these wedding rings, made by Natalia Gomensoro.

RAD 12/07 & 13/07 - 78 & 79/365 - Wedding rings

Another amazing pair of wedding rings by Marta Sanchez Oms, made of sterling silver, 24kt gold and black diamonds.

All rings can be found in the Ring-a-Day Flickr Pool.

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Studio Updates: Some new work

Studio Updates: Some new work

This is the ring that I had started working a couple of days ago. I’ve been wanting to work on this design for a long time and finally it happened. This is also the 200th ring for the Ring-a-Day Project.

One black and one white pebble are combined and set in sterling silver, which has a satin matte finish.

Now more pebbles are waiting for their settings!

The other plan was to make some new bracelets by combining the macramé knots that I used for this bunch of bracelets with gemstones.

I started by gathering the gemstones:







After testing many color and shape combinations, I decided to go with a purple/orange/green color scheme:


Tiny faceted rondelles of carnelian, amethyst and ametrine are combined with knotted waxed linen cord and a little indian silk sari ribbon embellishment.



The chosen color scheme for the next bracelet was chocolate brown & turquoise:


It is made with smokey quartz and turquoise rondelles, chocolate brown waxed linen cord and a cotton fabric embellishment.

Some close-ups:


Sterling silver toggle clasp detail:


Also, some new photos of the bracelets that I had described in an earlier post:



....both of them, worn together:


Thanks for reading!

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Artist Profile: Amy Tavern

Artist Profile: Amy Tavern

Trio: Overlap Brooch, Square Brooch, Circle Brooch.

It is with great pleasure that I’m starting this new series today, by presenting the recent work of one of my favorite jewelry artists, Amy Tavern.

I first found Amy’s work through Flickr and she continues to amaze me ever since!

Her jewelry can be found in galleries around the world and have also been featured in many prestigious publications in the field of contemporary jewelry. Apart from designing and making jewelry, she also teaches at the Penland School of Crafts.

Amy’s most recent collection is called “The Scrap Series”. By making it, she challenged herself to use items from the scrap pile and samples that she had collected during the past year. Pieces of oxidized silver are combined with cotton or linen fabric, torn paper, thread and yarn. Her lines and shapes are always simple and clean, the combination of materials is unpredictable and visually pleasing.

I wish scraps could always look so beautiful!

Loop Brooch

Loop Brooch

Envelop Brooch

Envelope Brooch

Broken Frame Brooch

Broken Frame Brooch

Architecture, Arc, Stick Necklace

Architecture, Arc, Stick Necklace

Visit Amy’s website, blog and flickr to learn and see more!

Thanks for reading!

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