Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #5

Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #5

R-A-D #216, #217, #218 “Fall Preview. Stackable trio”

At the beginning of the week I decided to post six rings in one day, so that I ‘m not five rings behind anymore. I made two sets of stackable rings, one that is reminiscent of autumn and one that features little critters in sterling silver.

stacking rings

R-A-D #219, #220, #221 “Flying & Crawling, Stackable Rings “

The following day, I spotted an oxidized copper “tulip” in my scrap pile and it was immediately turned into a ring:


R-A-D #222 8/10/2010 “Black Tulip”

Contrasting elements was the theme that inspired the next ring, which was made using coarse sandpaper and a soft crochet flower:


R-A-D #223 8/11/2010 “Contradictions”

Thursday’s ring, besides the making of it, also involved a certain manipulation of the image, in order to convey a weathered, nostalgic feeling:

sewing notions

R-A-D #224 8/12/2010 “Sewing notions”

My friend Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs has recently travelled to Australia. Her wonderful photos inspired me to make this ring, using an australian stamp:


R-A-D #225 8/13/2010 “Stamped”

Back to setting pebbles and also trying a different type of setting this time:


R-A-D #226 8/14/2010 “Black Pebble”

I have no hesitation to melt, destroy or disassemble anything that doesn’t work anymore. This ring was made using one piece of an old bracelet, just before I decide what to do with the tourmaline chips:


R-A-D #227 8/15/2010 “Tourmaline chips”

.....and now it’s time for this week’s highlights from the Ring-a-Day Flickr Pool:

Ring a Day 221/365

Tomi is having another super creative week and it was hard to pick just this one as my favorite!

rad # 195 - 8. 14. 10

Toothpicks dipped in red color by Natalia Gomensoro.

Ring a Day 220/365

A “fresh” idea by Shannon Conrad: blackberry and sterling silver!


.....for the finale, a sailing trip from a jeweler’s point of view, by Mike Stromberg!

The theme for the 5th ring formula is Farewell to Summer. Find more about it here! Our rings should be posted on the last week of August, from 25th to 31st.

Thanks for reading!

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Street Art

Street Art

Large mural, found during a bike ride in Chalkida. Yes, this is my bike on the right!

I’m fascinated by all the forms of street and graffiti art that you can stumble upon while walking, biking, driving etc. Today I’m sharing some of my discoveries from Chalkida, where I’m living and Athens, that I ‘m often visiting.

Located at the area of Kerameikos in Athens, near Benaki Museum:






Found at Thission, in Athens:



Also, a couple of interesting links:

  • Artist Alyn Carlson is giving away a 5 x 5 inch painting, if you send three followers to her blog. In case you visit Alyn’s blog and decide to follow it, I would appreciate it if you could leave her a comment, mentioning that you were referred by me.
  • Kirsty Hall has posted another insightful article, this time it’s about metaphors and how they can help understand the creative process.

Thanks for reading!

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My favorite cold coffee drink and how to prepare it at home

My favorite cold coffee drink and how to prepare it at home

I always like to start the day with a nice cup of hot cappuccino, even during summer. But what happens when the temperature starts to rise and you need something refreshing in the middle of the day?

This coffee drink is served widely at the coffee shops in Greece and we call it “Fredo Cappuccino”. I understand that my italian friends may freak out just a little with this cold version of the classic cappuccino coffee, but it actually is very tasty!

To prepare it at home, you start with a double dose of espresso coffee, as pictured above.

In order for the coffee to cool down, fill a glass with shredded ice. If you don’t have shredded ice, simple ice cubes are just fine!



Pour the coffee inside the glass:


To prepare the cold milk froth, add one ice cube and 1/4 cup of semi-skimmed milk either in a food processor or in a simple hand held or stand mixer.


Mix well until it becomes thick and creamy. It usually doesn’t take more that 30 seconds to develop that creamy consistency.


Pour the milk froth in the coffee glass, add a straw, stir and enjoy!



Need a few nice desserts to go with your coffee?

A few suggestions: banana pancakes, that are easily adjusted so that they can be made with more fruits, spiced poached peaches, deep, dark brownies and Nigella’s totally chocolate chip cookies!

Lately, I’ve preparing for a very special project that I hope I will be able to announce shortly!

Have a nice weekend and thank you for visiting!

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Obsessed with Stackable Rings!

Obsessed with Stackable Rings!

“Stackable Silver and Brass Rings”

It all started with the above set of rings that I made recently. I was in the mood to keep things simple, as I have already mentioned before.

As I started making them, new ideas kept coming! For a couple of days it seemed almost like an addiction! One night, while out for dinner, I didn’t have my sketchbook with me, so I started doodling on the paper placemats.


Components of the second rings trio, ready to be soldered:


I call this set Fall Preview because the stamped brass leaf, combined with the brown of the smokey quartz, evoke a strong feeling of autumn. Although I’m not ready to give up on summer just yet, I always find that autumn is such a beautiful time of year.

Some pictures of this set of rings:


“Smokey Quartz Ring”


“Leaf Ring”


“Sterling silver band”


“Fall Preview. Stackable trio”

One of the things I like about stackables is that they can be worn in many different ways: each ring separately, in sets of two or three. Some examples:

ways to wear them

It soon became obvious that these rings would also help me catch up with Ring-a-Day and make the five extra rings that I was behind.

The next trio is made in sterling silver and features two little critters, a turtle and a butterfly:


“Butterfly Ring”


“Turtle Ring”


“Sterling silver band”


“Flying & Crawling, Stackable Rings”


This is how they look when they are worn together.

Finally, this last ring, although not stackable, clearly evolved from the previous designs. It’s made of sterling silver, brass and a tube set 3mm rose-cut garnet.


“Rose-Cut Garnet Ring”

After intensively making these little rings, all my other rings suddenly appeared huge! I’ll have to re-adjust and change scale the next days!

Thanks for reading!

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Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #4

Ring-a-Day Weekly Round Up #4

R-A-D #208 8/2/2010 “Unidentified Specimen”

This week I made rings that could be described as tiny, delicate and simple. The first one, pictured above, features a specimen that I found at the beach, attached on a sterling silver band.

The next ring is an attempt to deconstruct summer, keeping only the basics: sand and some shells:


R-A-D #209 8/3/2010 “Deconstructing Summer”

Starting with a thin sterling silver band, mixing metals by adding a piece of brass and finishing the ring by setting a 3mm peridot cab:


R-A-D #210 8/4/2010 “Peridot Ring”

On Thursday, I was at the hospital because my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! So this one is for my niece, made from a brochure that I found at the hospital:


R-A-D #211 8/5/2010 “A big heart for E.”

This event inspired more tiny and delicate rings, that are also stackable:


R-A-D #212 8/6/2010 “Stamped Flower”

stamped heart

R-A-D #213 8/7/2010 “Stamped Heart”


Stackable Silver and Brass Rings

The next design evolved from the previous ring trio: sterling silver and tube set 3mm rose-cut garnet.


R-A-D #214 8/8/2010 “Rose-Cut Garnet Ring”

I realized that stackables can be quite addictive! They’re also a great way to catch up and make the five rings that I’m missing. Today I ‘ve already made a new set of three rings and I’m posting it tomorrow!

Here’s a few of my favorite rings this week, from the Ring-a-Day Flickr Pool:

RAD #214, #215, #216, #217

“Office” Rings by Evelyn Markasky, a real bargain!

RAD 211/365 08.05.10

Stunning Labradorite Ring by Kathryn Cole.

RAD 78/365

A Succulent Ring made of copper and no trace of solder by Lesley Tinnaro.


Andrea of amuckdesign is revisiting an earlier design and the result is delightful!

Thanks for reading!

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